About Stephanie Piddock

Stephanie Anne McCarthy was born in New Haven during the “Summer of Love”, 1967 and grew up in Ansonia, Connecticut. She attended both parochial and public schools, graduating from Ansonia High School in 1985. She attended South Central Community College in New Haven where she pursued a degree in Elementary Education. Shortly thereafter she married and her first son was born. Following the birth of her son, Stephanie ignited her passion for helping her community by volunteering at the Derby homeless shelter. In 1988 she took a job at Sikorsky Aircraft to become part of the winning team that was Igor Sikorsky’s dream. She took business courses at Sacred Heart University in the evenings and became involved in Teamsters Local 1150 activities. Having an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, she discovered a full-time International Business adult degree program offered by Vermont College of Norwich University. It was a life-changing experience. She was mentored by John Carpino, Vice President of Sikorsky Aircraft.

In 1994 she resigned her position at Sikorsky Aircraft and relocated to Vermont. She and her husband worked at his family’s travel agency and travelled the world. She also organized fundraising events with celebrities to benefit local charities. In 1995, seeing the future of the Internet, Stephanie moved back to Connecticut, had her second son and started a New Media consultancy, acting as Vice President of that company. She worked with top international advertising agencies on projects for Fortune 500 companies.

After the birth of her third child, Stephanie relocated her family to Chester County, Pennsylvania, in 1997. Later, in 2000, she and family relocated back to Connecticut. There, she became involved with the local charity No Vet Left Behind, which serviced homeless veterans. Subsequently, Connecticut is the first state to end chronic veteran homelessness. On September 17, 2011, Occupy Wall Street was born and Stephanie was called to action. She immediately took to social media to learn everything she could about the phenomenon. She soon began Occupy Torrington on Facebook. From its inception, she wanted it to be a source for news not covered in the mainstream media. Not satisfied with her reach, she began the Blog Talk Radio show “Occupy the Conversation.”

Since her days of living in Vermont, Stephanie has been a Bernie Sanders supporter. As soon as he announced his campaign, Stephanie became involved. A growing desire to dedicate her public and professional life to leading the pursuit of justice became her passion. Her online and community efforts, while impactful and vibrant, simply are no longer enough. She seeks bigger challenges and a larger sphere of influence.